March 3, 2015

Growlinga and 656 Cómics: The fusion that needed to occur


As it is known, along the development of videogames, there are different factors that intervene, and these can be gather basically in four pillars: Story, technology, mechanics and aesthetics.
Each one of these is important, and without the other three elements, there would be a game lacking its essence. A game with a good story, impecable mechanics, beautiful aesthetics, but in a technologic plataform that doesn’t fit the game, would be a failure.

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November 12, 2014

Another new member on Growlinga’s team

Just after the release of our new game Scare The Crow, we began our next minigame, we had new tasks and organization of our schedule in order to continue with our big game which is still unnamed (we’re bad with names u.u …). Vlad is the main character of the game, which is an action […]

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